Who is Quali-T Teahouse for

For tea lovers
For individuals who desire to be healthy
For inspiring loving ones with gift ideas
For friends and families to gather and relax
For business owners who want to serve the best quality teas
For empowering groups with knowledge of tea and culture

Why buy from Quali-T Teahouse

We stock only the finest organic Chinese teas flown in directly from China. We value the health and social benefits of tea and wanted to bring our knowledge to the locals. As ‘Kung Fu’ tea masters, we love to host traditional tea pouring ceremonies and tea appreciations. The term ‘Kung Fu’ although commonly known as a martial art, actually refers to the hard work, effort and devotion put towards any goal.

About Quali-T

Backgrounder If you’re out and about in South Yarra, pick up some of China’s finest organic tea from Quali-T Teahouse. Or if you have a couple of hours to spare, then why not experience something magically oriental and zen, wedged in between the hustle and bustle of Chapel Street.   Our Delightful Range We stock .


Our Services

Hospitality and warmth is what we’re about, and we’re always happy to walk you through the teas and sit down with you for a tasting. You will be treated like a special guest at our establishment, so don’t be shy, pop in today.   For a social or business event with a difference, we host .


Customer Support

At Quali-T Teahouse, we look after our customers. Your online query will be replied within 48 hours after submission. Your satisfaction is our top priority. You will receive email notification as soon as your orders are dispatched. If you would like to talk to our friendly staff member, please feel free to call us on .

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The tea was named after Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. It’s very rich in theanine, flavonoids, caffeine and essential oils. It has full body and silky texture. The flowery and fresh bouquet aroma with velvety liquor of tinkling sensation wanders in mouth.

James O.
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Kung Fu actually translates in meaning for: hard work, devotion and struggle that you can put towards any goal. And we all know what that feels like! Kung Fu Cha loosely translates to making tea with effort. This is a traditional and rarified Chinese tea ceremony.

Fred R.

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